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Sustainable Packaging

We always aim to have a well stocked, attractive and organised store so that our customers can find what they are looking for as easily as possible. In the past, this mentality has led to more of a style over substance nature, where product packaging is concerned. However, our focus has shifted to an environmentally conscious one, and we knew that we would have to make some changes to match these values.

We have been working closely with many of our major suppliers to combat the amount of unsustainable materials, mainly plastic, used in the packaging of their products. We were pleased to hear that most of them had adopted such measures without issue and integrated this ethos in to their values as well, as this meant that we could continue our ongoing business relationships with them.

Our main supplier for small accessories, Nedis®, have converted the vast majority of their product range to a new plastic-free packaging, and boast such savings as 55,000 kilos of plastic each year.

We are excited to see the ongoing changes that our suppliers are making so that we can all contribute as best we can to the various impacts on the environment caused by the manufacturing and distribution of the products we deal with. As a flexible and dynamic company, we will be prepared to immidiately cut ties with suppliers who do not adhere to such new measures and turn a blind eye to this important issue.

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