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Other Repair Services

Radio Repair

Radio Repairs

We repair digital and analogue radios. Whether your power adapter has given up the ghost or your antenna has broken off we can help you out. Of course not all repairs are economically viable, so we will be sure to check with you before we proceed with a repair.

Vacuum Repairs

It's a messy job, but someone's got to do it! We can look at your vacuum cleaner for you to determine if it is in need of an internal clean or a replacement part.

Vacuum Repair
Recorder Repar

Digital Recorder Repairs

Digital television recorders use the same hard disk drives to record programmes on them that computers use to store data, so they fail just as frequently unfortunately. On the plus side, this means we can repair them for you and will likely have them in stock too.

Watch Battery Replacement

We can change the battery in your watch or car key in only 10 minutes. We charge a much better rate than the other shops and carry almost all types of battery in stock.

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