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Phone Accessories

Portable Charger

Power Banks - Portable Chargers

Is the battery power of your portable device letting you down? Of course it is (unless you are still the proud owner of a Nokia 3310). The large screens and demanding applications can take their toll. We stock a huge range of portable chargers, whether you need the odd boost or if you plan to take a long trip, we have the solution for you.

Phone Cases

Particular with phone cases? If you're protecting an expensive phone we don't blame you! Large range in store to suit all styles like gel, tough and flip. If you have a non-mainstream phone we can even order specialised cases in for you in a couple of days.

Phone Case
Phone Charger

Phone Chargers

Wide range of mains chargers available with ready-made kits too, so we can offer the cable, the plug or both at great prices. Various power options available also for smaller devices to larger power-hungry appliances. Car DC chargers in stock too.

USB Cables

USB cables in stock for all brands of phone. The cables we offer are very high quality, durable and great prices. We stick to brands who's cables we know have been stress-tested and we offer a no quibble guarantee in store. Long versions of most cables available too.

USB Cable
Memory Card

Memory Cards

We stock Sandisk, one of the world's largest memory manufacturers, branded memory cards to ensure we can offer the best in terms of reliability and quality. Variety of speeds and prices in store at great prices.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

A must have for all phones in our opinion. They cost a fraction of the price of replacing a phone screen and keep your device scratch and chip free, increasing its re-sale value in future. We can fit them to your appliance in minutes, a service included in the price.

Screen Protector
Phone Holder

Car Phone Holders

The prefect solution, and a now legal requirement, for using your phone in the car. We stock a range of car phone holders to suit most sizes of phone.

SIM Cards

SIM Cards available in store from all the main carriers. We can check which network your phone is locked to if you are unsure, and we provide a fantastic price on unlocking your phone if need be.

SIM Card
Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones/Earphones

Great option for portable, wireless audio playback, especially when your appliance hasn't got a headphone jack port. The quality and battery life have been greatly improved on Bluetooth headphones since their introduction to the market years ago.

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