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Television Repair

TV Power Repair

Power Issues

If your set isn't turning on, is stuck on standby or clicking when you try to power it up, it usually is caused by an internal power issue. This repair would involve replacing either a component or an entire board. We repair this type of issue in no time.

Faulty/Broken Input Sockets

Sockets are quite fragile inside televisions and have to put up with a lot of strain over the years. We can replace them if they become non-responsive or damaged.

TV Socket Repair
TV Signal Repair

Signal Issues

A fragmented picture and audio issues are usually caused by signal issues. If you having a problem with your set or have lost some or all stations, we can call out to you (local service) and have a look.

Remote Control Repair/Replacement

Remote controls can lose the responsiveness of their buttons from wear and tear over the years. We can repair remotes very quickly in store or sort a replacement out for you. Universal and compatible remotes in stock and ready to go.

TV Remote Control
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