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Computer Products

External Hard Drive

External Hard Drives

Large range of external hard drives in stock, ranging up to 4TB! Typically they come pre-formatted for Windows use, but can be re-formatted in store to a more universally recognizable format in minutes, so that they can be used with games consoles, media players, televisions, Apple products and Windows.

Gaming Products

Along with our general range of computer related products, we also stock a wide range of gaming specific items from a variety of manufacturers. Mice, keyboards and headsets available in store.

Gaming Products
Reconditioned Laptop

Reconditioned Computers

We guarantee 2 things which our competitors can't. First, we can personally vouch for every single computer we sell as they are serviced by us. Second, the lengths we go to to ensure performance and longevity. Computers are securely wiped and professionally reconditioned prior to sale. This is our speciality. For more information, pop in to the store or contact us.

Laptop Power Supplies

We stock model-specific laptop chargers. This means we have over 40 types of charger in stock which allows us to offer chargers which are great value and quality. We also stock universal laptop chargers.

Laptop Charger
PC Headset


We stock a large range of headsets in store. Wired and wireless models available for multiple appliances such as mobile phones, computers and games consoles. USB connected options also available.

Networking Products

A very important, and often hugely frustrating, part of our digital domestic lives, networking products are in high demand. If you have a house with wireless 'dead' spots we have the product for you. Range extenders, homeplug sets and good old fashioned long network cables are always available from us. We can advise the best option for your situation.

Network Products
Ink Catridge

Ink Cartridges

We stock a mixture of original and compatible ink cartridges. Different manufacturers have various levels of success with either type and each has its pros and cons, so we make sure to offer quality cartridges at great prices.

USB Memory Sticks

Reliability is (or should be) the number one priority when looking in to data storage solutions. We mainly stock Sandisk, one of the largest worldwide manufacturer of memory products, to ensure the reliability and quality of these important little devices are as high standard as possible.

Memory Stick
Keyboard & Mouse

Keyboards & Mice

Whether you are unable to get used to your laptop's overly sensitive touchpad or your keyboard is playing up, there is always the external option. We stock loads of keyboards and mice, both wired and wireless, to suit your needs.

Internal Hard Disk Drives & SSDs

Given that hard disk drive replacement is the most common repair service we carry out on customer repairs, we always have a wide selection of hard drives and SSDs available. Solid-state drives (SSDs) are becoming very popular due to the extra speed they will give to your computer.

Solid State Drive
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