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Power Products

Portable Charger

Power Banks - Portable Chargers

Is the battery power of your portable device letting you down? Of course it is (unless you are still the proud owner of a Nokia 3310). The large screens and demanding applications can take their toll. We stock a huge range of portable chargers, whether you need the odd boost or if you plan to take a long trip, we have the solution for you.

Batteries - Standard & Specialised

Huge range of batteries available from manufacturers such as Duracell, Panasonic and GP Batteries. Everything from your standard AA or AAA to more specialized and hard to find button-cell, remote and camera batteries are offered in store.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries

We stock a large range of rechargeable batteries which can be ideal for power hungry appliances such as radios. Cordless phone and mobile phone batteries also available. Free fitting service on certain models.

Laptop Power Supplies

We  stock model-specific laptop chargers. This means we have over 40 types of charger in stock which allows us to offer chargers which are great value and quality. We also stock universal laptop power adapters.

Laptop Charger
Universal Power Supply

Universal Power Supplies

Many electrical appliances use external power adapters which can fail or break in time. We stock a selection of universal power adapters which are suitable for many devices and we are more than happy to set them up for you in store to make sure they work before you part with your cash. In fact, we normally prefer you do.

Travel Adapters

We have adapters for visitors to the UK and for those travelling outside from the UK. Travel a lot? We also have universal adapters capable of converting plugs to and from just about anywhere. 

Travel Adapter
Mains Extension

Mains Extensions

Wide range of mains extension cables available. 1-Gang, 2-Gang, 4-Gang, 6-Gang and 10-Gang versions in store. You can also choose between a variety of cable lengths and choose between switched and surge protected options.

Power Leads

Huge range of various power cables such as Figure-8, clover and IEC options. Ideal for television wall installations or changing the position of your audio equipment or television box. Can also be a better option to use a power cable for tourists rather than using an adapter in some cases.

Power Cable
Voltage Converter

Voltage Converters

Visiting from another continent? You may be aware that the voltage of some appliances need to be converted before they can be used in our system. Although most portable appliances are suitable for use anywhere with just an adapter (dual-voltage), many large or obscure products from places such as America or Asia may need to have their voltage converted. Unsure? We provide professional advise in store.

Power Inverters

Ideal for long trips or car journeys, power inverters allow you to connect a mains powered 220-250VAC appliance in to a vehicle outputting 12V or 24V DC. More powerful appliances may need to be connected directly to a vehicle battery however, ask in store for details.

Power Inverter
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