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Cables & Adapters

USB Cable

USB Cables & Adapters

All varieties of USB cable in stock. From A to B, Mini to Micro, we have got you covered. We stock USB 2.0 and Super Speed USB 3.0 cables and adapters. Need to cover distance? USB active repeater extension cables in 5 to 20 metre lengths are also available.

HDMI Cables & Adapters

You never want to spend too much on an HDMI cable, but at the same time you can keep pretty thin cheap ones too. Balancing on the HDMI pricing tight rope, we have HDMI cables at terrific value, with lengths to suit which range from 0.5m to 20m. Micro and Mini cables and adapters also in store.

HDMI Cable
Aerial Adapter

Aerial Cables & Adapters

Coaxial cables sold for either standard terrestrial Freeview or satellite use. Getting your 'males' and 'females' mixed up? We can offer advice and we also offer a service in which we can cut high quality low-loss cable to any length you like and put the fittings on for you.

Computer Cables & Adapters

From your standard VGA, DVI, Displayport connections to your more specialised, brand-specific variations, we have it all. If you are unsure what you need or how to get the best from your equipment ask one of our expert staff members.

VGA Adapter
Network Cable

Networking Cables & Adapters

With Wi-Fi not always performing up to task, you can always go back to a trusty wired connection. Ideal for large network solutions, we sell network cables all the way up to 30m in store.

Audio Cables & Adapters

Large range of audio cable and adapters in stock with a variety of lengths and qualities. If you can't tell your jacks from your phonos, we can advise which cable would be best for you.

Audio Adapter
Video Cable

Video Cables & Adapters

If only everything was as simple as HDMI (which isn't even that simple to be fair). We stock Phono composite and component video cables. We still offer SCART cables and adapters.

Instrument Cables & Adapters

Huge range of high quality instrument cables at great prices. Thick and durable for the rigorous usage they are probably going to have to deal with.

Instrument Cable
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