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Reconditioned Laptop

Reconditioned Laptops

We guarantee 2 things which our competitors can't. First, we can personally vouch for every single computer we sell as they are serviced by us. Second, the lengths we go to to ensure performance and longevity. Computers are securely wiped and professionally reconditioned prior to sale.

Reconditioned Desktop Computers

If you are more of a fan of desktop computers we don't blame you, as they can offer better value and reliability than their portable counterparts. Desktops are also fully serviced prior to sale and can come in all-in-one forms also.

Reconditioned Desktop
Reconditioned MacBook

Reconditioned MacBooks & iMacs

Macbooks and iMacs available in store. They typically are very quick and easy for us to recondition, as we repair Apple products on a daily basis. They are cleaned and re-installed with the latest operating system and are usually upgraded from their original specification in order to keep them up to date.

Reconditioned iPhones

All of our iPhones are stringently checked prior to being sold in store. We offer fantastic prices prices on iPhones and unlock them to work with any SIM card network. They are de-activated from their old Apple account and reset. Most of our iPhones have had new replacement screens, so the condition of our iPhones are typically very good.

Reconditioned iPhone
Reconditioned Camera

Reconditioned Digital Cameras

The quality and convenience of a mobile phone's built-in camera may have damaged the digital camera market badly, but there is a positive side to that. There are now loads of quality cameras at unbelievable prices! We have a range of top brands such as Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Fujifilm and others in store.

Reconditioned iPads & Tablets

Large range of tablets available in store. We typically carry a selection of Android, Amazon and Apple models at great prices. Fully reset and tested prior to sale.

Reconditioned iPad
Hard Drive

Reconditioned Hard Disk Drives

We stock a range of refurbished laptop and desktop hard drives which are available for sale. They are fully tested and securely wiped prior to sale, and we only sell drives which have 100% health. A health report can be provided for no charge when you purchase one, if you wish.

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