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Apple Repair

iPhone Screen Repair

iPhone Repair

We appreciate you have many options when your iPhone needs repaired. You can bite the bullet and pay Apple's prices, you can risk your phone completely and attempt it yourself or you can use a company like us! We guarantee you will leave satisfied in the price, speed and quality of our work. Read our online reviews for piece of mind.

iPad Repair

Smashed screen, faulty battery, iPads suffer from similar issues than iPhones. Luckily we stock all of the essential parts to have them repaired same day. If you are unsure what the problem may be, we are always happy to give our advise.

iPad Battery Replacement
MacBook Battery Replacement

MacBook Repair

One of the most popular items we repair, a day barely goes by where we don't have a MacBook handed in to repair. We have repair options for every issue on every model of MacBook. We stock many parts for them, so can typically have them repaired same day. Unlike other shops, we don't charge for an initial inspection and quotation, so you have nothing to lose, we also now offer a data recovery option for them too.

iMac Repair

Like our MacBook repairs, we take on all problems with iMacs. We stock many spare parts for iMacs too and aim to have them repaired same day. Initial inspection is free and we can have a repair solution within an hour.

iMac Repair
iPod Repair

iPod Repair

We know you still love that 'old' iPod that the Apple store won't look at anymore. There is nothing wrong with vintage! We still offer repair options to the iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPod Touch models. 

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