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Our Product Range

We have amassed a great understanding of electronics over the years. We listen to customers' needs and technical problems in an attempt to offer​ as good as solution as we can. This is also something we have done for many years, we really have heard it all. Naturally inquisitive, we are never too proud to learn a thing or two from our technically savvy customers in order to build a greater understanding in our ever expanding field.

We have a passion for electronics and try our best to stock as much as we can in our store. If we are asked for something we do not have, we make every effort to order it in for you.

On our website we have listed the various ranges of products we offer in store. We may not offer an option to order online or prices, but you can contact us either by using the form in the contact page or by calling our phone number at the bottom of the page, which will come directly through to us in the shop.

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