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TV Wall Installation

TV Wall Mount

You Choose

Flat screen TV's look their best when they are hung on the wall.  Whether it is pride of place in your living room or high up in your bedroom so that you can see it from your bed, most importantly, it saves a lot of space.

No Corners Cut

We offer a professional TV wall installation service carried out by our engineers with many years experience.  We carry liability insurance while on site.

TV Wall Installation
TV Wall Installation

Professional Consultation

Call us or come in-store to book an in-house quotation where we can suggest the best bracket for your TV, measure up for the length of cables you might need and also find out if the wall is suitable for cable imbedding or whether conduit has to be used.

Brackets & Long Cables In Stock

We stock a huge range of brackets which would do exactly the function you would want. They can be fixed, swivel or even extend from the wall altogether. We also stock any length of popular cable you would need to provide you with the flexibilty of having your devices situated where you wish.

TV Wall Bracket
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