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Computer Repair

Laptop Repair

Computer 'MOT'

Our computer 'MOT' is a great option for many people looking to have their device repaired as it includes the system re-installation and internal clean service in one, better value package. We also overhaul the hardware of your computer, re-tightening screws and testing the hard drive's health. Ideal for if you inherit a computer and want it fully serviced.

System Re-installation

Our most popular service, with this option we will completely wipe and re-install the operating system in your computer. Often the ideal solution for curing software glitches or viruses, the computer will run as fast as it can after this service.

Windows Install
Laptop Internal Clean

Internal Clean

Clogged up fans are the main cause of an over-heating computer. Over-heating laptops lead to all sorts of problems down the line. As they are quite literally dust-magnets, it is a good idea to have your computer cleaned regularly.

Power DC Jack Repair/Replacement

DC power sockets are very fragile inside laptops. A broken socket can explain why your computer has no sign of life. We can diagnose it in-store in 2 minutes. If your socket needs repaired or replaced, we can have it done within 24 hours.

Laptop DC Jack Repair
Laptop Upgrade

Hardware Upgrade

There is nothing more frustrating than a computer that just won't do what you want it to do when you tell it to do it. If you want to give your computer a major boost in speed, thankfully there are options. You will never, ever regret upgrading to an SSD. 

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Usually the first thing to go from an accidental spillage, a faulty keyboard can cause the keys to not behave as they are being instructed, random beeping noises and could even prevent your computer from starting up. We stock most major models and can have it repaired in no time.

Lapto Keyboard Replacement
Laptop Hinge Repair

Laptop Hinge Repair/Replacement

'They don't make them like they used to', the old adage rings true with many an appliance. We have been dealing with them for so long, we would class that as being the case with laptops too. Damaged hinges and screw sockets are becoming our most popular repair. The seriousness can vary, so feel free to bring it in to the shop for us to give a free check-over and quote.

Laptop Battery Replacement

We stock a large range of replacement laptop batteries. Most earlier models of laptop are very easy to replace and can be done by yourself. Some modern laptops are not quite as easy, and require the laptop to be completely taken apart. Feel free to pop by or message us for a free quote.

Laptop Battery Replacement
Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement

Cracked screens take us around 1 hour to do. We make a point of stocking the most common types of screen to ensure you are not without your computer for too long. Prices can vary depending on size, resolution and if you have a touch screen model. Message us for an exact quote.

Hard Drive Replacement

The most common hardware related problem with computers. If your computer won't load its operating system or suddenly goes painfully slow for any reason or blue-screens randomly, the hard disk drive is often to blame. We offer a free hard drive diagnostics service in store and can even advise if your data is salvageable.

Laptop Hard Drive Replacement
Laptop Repair Services

Other Services

Don't worry if you haven't seen the service you require listed above, there are too many things to list! Computer hardware is our speciality and there really isn't a problem we haven't seen in all our years. So if you have any other questions feel free to get in touch. We also repair touchpad issues, USB and headphone port issues and much more.

Apple Repair

We are able to diagnose and repair almost every issue with Apple computers and have amassed quite a range of spare parts. Speed issues? Water damage? Inability to boot? We can do it all. Better still, we can do it same day.

Apple MacBook Repair
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