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Hama (UK) Ltd, One Of Our Top Suppliers

We have spent many years specialising, sourcing and stocking as many products as we could think of. If we were asked, we would get (within reason...). Retail is a constant and ever-changing environment, balancing quality of product offered and price. We are more than confident that Hama does both.

Hama (UK) Ltd is a manufacturer whose products we can really trust. Founded in Germany (where its headquarters are still based) in the 1920s and spreading their horizons on to the British shores at the end of the 20th century, Hama have always caught our eye with the quality of their products. Despite specialising more in photography, a field we do not ourselves specialise in, we were delighted to hear that they had branched their range of products to our area of specialty, AV and computer equipment.

Hama place a great emphasis on quality management. We have been very impressed with the build quality and performance of their products. We now stock a wide range of their products in-store such as power banks, mice, keyboards, headsets, USB hubs, laptop bags, card readers, USB presenters, speakers and more.

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