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Reconditioned Laptops

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long can I expect the computer to last?

Buying privately has its risks. When buying privately there is no expectation that the seller has a vast knowledge of computers, nor do they need to, so there is the element of risk that it perhaps suffers from a hardware issue (whether they are aware of this or not). When buying from a company, their reputation is on the line. Problems happen and no second hand product is ever perfect, but a company can and should do all it can to service and check a computer before they sell it. Wiping software and re-installing the operating system is one thing but we feel we should go that step further by completely dismantling the computer and fully servicing it as well. This means that the computer you buy from us should not suffer from any of the most common hardware faults such as faulty hard drive, overheating, charging issues and loose hinges in a hurry. We have had feedback from our customers that the computer they bought from us lasted for many years and, provided it is looked after, that is what we expect from our computers.

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Is there a possibility to upgrade a computer before or when I purchase it?

Yes, there is. Although there is no possibility to upgrade processors or graphics cards in laptops, many of our customers opt to have the memory upgraded at the time of purchase. We only charge the difference in cost to us and can have it upgraded in minutes.


A lot of our customers also choose to have the hard drive upgraded or changed. We have fitted some laptops with hard drives and some with solid state drives to give a balance to our range, but we are more than happy to change the type or capacity of a hard drive for you. Another popular service is to change the operating system on a laptop, a service we are also happy to do for you.

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What is the difference between refurbished and reconditioned?

There are conflicting definitions for the two terms even when searching for their definitions online. They can technically be used to describe the same process, although recondition could imply that more work has been put into it. We would class refurbished as describing an as-new computer, one perhaps bought brand new and returned with no fault which has been factory installed and then re-sold. We would class reconditioned as the process we undertake, in which a used computer is physically restored and reset to a fully working order.

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Have the computers been securely wiped?

Yes. We use specialist software to test the hard drive's health and then completely erase the data from it. A good tip when using software which wipes a drive is to see how long it takes. The process should take several hours to complete, so if you use one which doesn't  take long it is more than likely the data will still be recoverable.

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Can I trade in my old computer?

Yes, of course. You can use your old computer as a trade in and get some money off buying the replacement computer. In fact we are one of the few shops that take in computers as trade ins even if they are not working. Better still we can transfer the data from your old computer to the one you buy, even if your old computer is completely dead.

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What is the main advantage of buying a reconditioned computer?

You would immediately think the lower cost would be the main advantage, and to many people this may be the case, but we would disagree. Having repaired computers for many years we have witnessed a shift in the build quality of laptops, not totally surprising considering the relatively low cost of purchasing a new machine these days. So we would class the superior build quality as being the main advantage of buying a reconditioned computer.

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