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Computer Upgrade

RIP Windows 7

It was fun while it lasted.

  • Microsoft support for Windows 7 will eventually come to an end in January 2020.

  • Although you will still be able to use Windows 7 after this date, you will find many compatibility issues with programs will arise and it won't be a good idea to go online due to higher risks.

  • Windows 8 was a disaster, 8.1 was better but forgotten and 9 was never a thing so....

Now is the time to upgrade to Windows 10!

Trust us, they have finally nailed it.

  • ​We were also not big fans of Windows 10 upon its first release (and forceful upgrade) 5 years ago or so, but no new operating system has ever been an instant success.

  • Microsoft are now on to their 9th version* of Windows 10 (November 2019). This is now the smoothest, fastest and most reliable one to date and that is the version we can install on your PC!

  • We perform a 'clean install' as opposed to an 'upgrade', which means that you will end up with a fresh new operating system and PC which will perform to its highest potential.

  • The best part? We only charge £50 for this service, the whole process only takes 24 hours for us to do and we only charge if the repair is successful. Sounds good, right?

Free advice on hardware upgrades

You may need it, you'll probably want it.

  • Not all PCs will upgrade to Windows 10 as smoothly as others, so it may be worth considering a hardware upgrade at the same time.

  • We would recommend running Windows 10 on no less than 4GB of RAM memory, if your PC is short then we can offer upgrades of this at the same time for terrific prices.

  • You may not be sure if your PC has much time left so aren't sure if it is worthwhile spending money on it? We are happy to check the hard drive health and even perform an internal fan clean at the time of upgrade.

  • Now is also the time to consider upgrading your hard drive to a Solid-State Drive (SSD). These super-fast drives ensure that your PC will run twice as fast after the upgrade, and they are now at an extremely affordable price which make them a very tempting option to consider also.

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